Sawada Hashimura studio is a Tokyo based architectural practice founded by Wataru Sawada and Yuichi Hashimura in 2015.

The basis of the studio is the fascination and faith for atmosphere created by physical construction with a thoughtful process. Our practice is intended to hold that quality and provoke dialogues between people and place.

Our architectural design are driven by critical research process with respects for environmental context, precedents to learn and the potential values of given conditions of projects.

The perpetual exploration of materials and construction gives the physical presence to our final outcome. We believe that our architecture designed through the process should be tolerant, resourceful and embrace the diversity and liberty of people’s daily life.

Wataru Sawada

(Kanazawa, 1986) studied architecture at Central Saint Martins(London) and AA school of architecture(London). He worked for Fuminori Nousaku Architects(Tokyo) and collaborated with Tsubame architects(Tokyo). He founded Sawada Hashimura studio in 2015 and works as a research associate at Tokyo University of the Arts, department of architecture since 2016.

Yuichi Hashimura

(Osaka, 1984) studied architecture at Tama Art University in Tokyo and University of East London. He worked for Tony Fretton Architects and Carmody Groarke in London. Since 2013, he is working for Tomoyuki Sakakida Architects, as well as New Material Research Laboratory, an architectural studio founded by Hiroshi Sugimoto. He founded Sawada Hashimura studio in 2015.

Sawada Hashimura studioは、日本とヨーロッパで建築を学び実践してきた澤田航と橋村雄一によって、建築設計を主軸とするスタジオとして2015年に設立されました。



澤田 航

1986年金沢生まれ。Central Saint Martins (London, Foundation diploma in Art and design), AA school of architecture (London, RIBA part1)にて建築を学び、能作文徳建築設計事務所にて勤務した後、2015年にSawada Hashimura studioを設立。現在、東京藝術大学美術学部建築科教育研究助手。

橋村 雄一

1984年大阪生まれ。多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科、University of East London Diploma in Architectureにて建築を学ぶ。Tony Fretton Architects、Carmody Groarkeにて建築設計に携わったのち、2013年より榊田倫之建築設計事務所、ならびに現代美術家/写真家、杉本博司による設計事務所である新素材研究所に勤務。2015年にSawada Hashimura studioを設立。一級建築士。